The humanist prince of design Marcel Wanders was giving a lecture at MOME

The special guest of this year’s Design Week was the Dutch Marcel Wanders. His presentation at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) was a real show coming up to a superstar and was accompanied with an open consultation with students. October 10th 2008, MOME Auditorium

Organised by IVANKA Studio & Concrete Works, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, and Design Terminal. Special thanks to Anna Gáti, Ágoston Gyarmati and Gábor Szegő  / WILLBE Design.

21_DSC5891_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_f

1_DSC5769_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

13_DSC5859f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

9_DSC5827e_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

3_DSC5783e2_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

5_DSC5800fe_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

6_DSC5808e_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

17_DSC5874 f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

7_DSC5812fe_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

10_DSC5828f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

50amimostkell 010_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

12_DSC5844f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

14_DSC5863f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

15_DSC5872e fee8_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

16_DSC5873_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

49amimostkell 004_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

18_DSC5880f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

19_DSC5882f2_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

21_DSC5891_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

20_DSC5885f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

22_DSC5901f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

71DSCF8860_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

51amimostkell 015f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

23_DSC5908_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

25_DSC5924_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

26_DSC5946f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

27_DSC5953_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

29_DSC5956ef_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

30_DSC5958f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

31_DSC5961f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

33_DSC5971f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

34_DSC5973f23_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

35_DSC5974 f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

36_DSC5977e_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

37_DSC5996e_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

39_DSC6001_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

40_DSC6003f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

42_DSC6008_1_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

44_DSC6010e_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

64DSCF8828e_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

65DSCF8841_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

45_DSC6018e2_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

46_DSC6028_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

52amimostkell 021_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture


53amimostkell 023f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture


54amimostkell 030e_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

55amimostkell 031f_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

56amimostkell 034e22_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

63DSCF8821_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

57amimostkell 041e_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

58amimostkell 050_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

68DSCF8852e_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

69DSCF8854_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture

59amimostkell 051ef_ivanka_marcel wanders lecture_

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