DNA pattern concrete facade panels project for Mikado Kyowa Seed Center Bio-technological Complex in Chiba, Japan

MKS_DNA_Seeds DNA photos

Project: Bio-technological complex with a seed storage and distribution center, a quality control laboratory and offices. Total area : 5,250 m2.

Architecture: Albert Abut Architecture Tokyo, Paris. Facade panelling in association with IVANKA.


Laboratory test panels that are the origin of the idea on the patterns: DNA patterns of same seeds but coming from different parts of earth like melon, onion, tomato and some other more.



MKS_Ivanka4E_A translucent acrylic panel canopy runs all around at the eastern, southern and part of the western facade. Most of the western facade (other side) is covered with plants with an array of small windows for light.

The roof is earth coloured galvanized iron flowing down on part of the eastern facade. It is flat in areas where air-conditioning, ventilation and dust collection machineries will be placed.

MKS_Elevation for Ivanka_

The Eastern facade Ivanka concrete panels are starting with same earth colour as the roof at the top and slowly becoming copper background colour then changing to a greyish blue on silver background downwards towards the black asphalt of the pick-up/delivery yard. The set of 24 original panels are then repeated horizontally on the eastern and southern facades.


This eastern facade has a second layer towards the south. The huge concrete wall with the name of the company that will be formed in the panels inside or as relief.

P1030698_1_concrete sample_mksConcrete sample


IMG_4479___concrete sample_mksConcrete sample


080506-Test-report-ACT-1108-Faserbeton-Ungarn-FZP-W_Page_8_2Testing the integrity of concrete panels with the fastening system as a whole for extreme earthquake and typhoon circumstances in Fischer Laboratories Germany in collaboration with Fischer Japan.

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