Meeting the oracle – Green lunch with Li Edelkoort

Photos by Pierre Foldes




Last Wednesday, 5th November I met Li Edelkoort.

A few weeks before, within the scope of the Budapest Design Week Panni Davidhazy who had worked in Edelkoort’s New York and Paris offices for years, presented the Trend Union design & lifestyles forecast seminar at MOME. I couldn’t attend, but Panni offered to make that presentation again for some friends private. Finally it turned out that Li Edelkoort gave the lecture herself with pleasure. She was invited to Budapest on occasion of a conference visiting Hungary the first time.

Bespoke Hungarian interior designer Dóra Fónagy’s downtown loft with its specially intimate atmosphere prove to be a perfect venue for discussing the audiovisuals accompanigned by courses of green meal including mushrooms of course, and champagne..

Special thanks to Panni for organizing this onetime exclusive.



















Architect Judit Z Halmágyi was telling Li about Dobogókő in Hungary, where the heart of the Earth beats. Not only the beautiful nature, but the legend lure increasingly more visitors onto Dobogókő, rivals the world-famous energy centres. People of the country are kind and have good heart, and as it is well known, Dobogókő is a holy place, where the heart of the Earth is beating. “The approach and behavior of Tibet, -similarly to other saint knowledge-, sees and experiences the eternity as unity. According to this, the so called power and energy centers are being counted not only in a Human body but on Earth as well. According to tradition, the Earth hearth chakra is in Hungary, more exactly in the area called Pilis.”




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