What iffing is fun: what if the washbasin and the tap would become one? – SARGI INTRODUCES DOMESTICATED TATU BY WILLBE DESIGN

041_tatuDesigner: Anna Gáti,  Co-authors: Ágoston Gyarmati, Gábor Szegő / WILLBE Design. My friends are developing a new species of animal furnishing for your home and public spaces.  Here comes the TATU:

Functions: 1_washbasin for residential and commercial use 2_wall fountain for residential and commercial use 3_drinking fountain in urbanistic environment especially with periodic working solutions

untitledTATU in Design ROOM mag

Features and specification:

The fountain integrates the sink and the tap into a pure single form. It can equally be used indoor and outdoor, in commercial and residential interiors. Material is concrete, either natural or painted. Optional separate hot and cold taps or mixer taps are provided with the sink. Incorporation of thermostatic mixing valve is also in development. The concrete body integrate stainless steel fittings. The drain hole is standardized and the drain-plug is included as well. The ½ inch diameter copper water pipe is built into the shape’s spinal column. The junction–point is at the bottom, the water leaves through the shape’s beak.




Concrete and other more.

Project progress:

Prototype phase product development.


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