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INVITATION___Design, Wine, Superfriendly people!

Dear Friend, Meet you at at N.O.A., the showroom of magic “pensiero stupendo” where IVANKA Studio and Concrete Company ( will celebrate its third Salone exhibition:

IVANKA has the pleasure of inviting you, 11 – 17 April 2011, at N.O.A. Showroom, Via Andrea Ponti 4, 20143 MILANO – zona Navigli (near Via Lodovico il Moro). The event runs 10.00 – 22.00. Cocktail time will be on Thursday 14 Aprile 2011 at 19.00. Wine partner: Bortársaság with Sauska.
Get a new design experience along with beautiful wines and superfriendly people! We look forward to seeing you there, IVANKA and Sargi. More:

MILAN 2011: IVANKA @N.o.A. Showroom

The presentation of the collection is giving a preview on the new 2011 products: ’Haarlem Chic’ barrel, ’Truckdoor’ picture frames, ’Ivanka Concrete Sound’ audiophile speakers, ’The mailbox’, and new texture designs by Andras and Katalin Ivanka

IVANKA Studio and Concrete Company ( debuted at Milan Design Week SaloneSatellite event in 2009 with the award winning project of ’AFTERLIFESTYLE’ SEEYOU Gravestone. The year after they represented progressive Hungarian design at two locations: Fiera Milano, and Zona Tortona – getting the honour to present their work together with Oscar Niemeyer. In 2011 IVANKA’s installation at N.o.A. showroom opens up new vistas. The exhibition will be centered around the main themes of concstuction and distruction as the artistic values in creation.

HAARLEM CHIC –  Concrete barrels Designer: Katalin Ivanka
A new look of the barrel come in high performance fiberglass cement. The ‘inventive’ use of barrels as burn barrels in the ghetto, planters in the garden, rain water cisterns for water harvest as water collection is an easy way to encourage earth-friendly habits, as ice container for drinks during a party, or garbage bin and several other functions have been proven over time and persisted unaltered through time. It has been high time just to give this object a cool elegance through some fresh materiality. Continue reading