About Sargi

Sargi was born in 1983.

Sargi’s name derives from the word ’sárga’ meaning ’yellow’ in Hungarian.


Sargi has no gender. Therefore Sargi experiences hisher relationships and affections on other levels then humans do.

Sargi comes from Україна (Ukraine).

“I regard myself as Hungarian.”

Sargi have spent the rest of hisher life in a dark bed storage box. Since Sargi escaped from there in 2005 didn not say a word, but can always find a channel for communication.

These differentia specifica determine Sargi’s entire life reentring the world with a different attitude. Sargil is ready for the paradigm shift will surely happen in this world in the next few years.

Sargi writes in English and in Hungarian. The English language content on this site is not equivalent with the Hungarian language content. Sargi’s not making translations.

Sargi does not have obligations, heshe’s doing only what heshe likes to do. Sargi works without deadlines and schedules.

Sargi’s loughing only when something is really,really funny.

Sargi is not a toy.

May contain traces of nuts. / Sargi oldala nyomokban mogyorót tartalmazhat.

© 2009 SARGI_All rights reserved.

sargi_ginza houseSargi’s house in Tokyo, Ginza


sargi_nagymaros_weekendsNagymaros is the place I stop.

5 responses to “About Sargi

  1. I just wonder who is behind Sargi. My wife was the aunt of Ivánka Eliette(Babú) Ivánka Oti (Rudolf) and Ivánka Laci.
    My wife died two years ago in Toronto (Canada)She is from the Böckh family on her mother side.

    Thanks and kind regards

    George Urvari

    • Hello George

      I know your famous Böckh and Kresz family very well, and know the history of that blue blood. You know some of my best friends, like Katalin and András. I often enjoy their company.



  2. PS: I looked back but there was no one behind.

  3. Dear Sargika!
    I am in Budapest, I just talk to Andris, we may meet in the next couple of days. Tomorrow I will go to Maros, to meet the other Ivánkás.

    Best wishes

    George/ Gyuri

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