zita_80s artuditu start trekZit 80’s

Posso_Anthem_Casino_Final-1Girls wearing spats

berger lesterDaniel Berger alias Lester step2design web designer, mustbeat crew DJ

newyearseveBandita csak úgy engedte meg feltenni ezt a fotót ha kitakarom a szemét. nehogy felismerjétek.



hello kitty halloweenme no nose you no mouth that’s not gonna work out but i like ya

neon_1Zita Konnerth interior designer, ELLE Dekor stylist


banditaAndras Ivanka, IVANKA

cover sargi_

m claire_C3E6180Katalin Ivanka, IVANKA


pharell and p diddy_Pharrell because of seeing sounds.

crazy winter rome

travelling chairthe travelling chair

superdog attack

MILAN 2008 (65)e 2Gábor Szegő, Anna Gáti interior designers WILLBE Design

anna kuria14

sharonDr. Anikó Molnár, stylist Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan


oriole fish

geri__Gergely Varjasi, owner OPEN CASTING


kimi_g__Kimi got the passenger seat.

On the fast lane of the street I’m driving. Sometimes, somewhere, I’m arriving. Every day and Every night. – Yello, The Race is in my head


sargi with anna

sargika_2009_04_24MilanoMy friends are protecting me from the dangers of the world.

annapanna gAnna Szabó architect student

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  1. I love Sargi!

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