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INVITATION___Design, Wine, Superfriendly people!

Dear Friend, Meet you at at N.O.A., the showroom of magic “pensiero stupendo” where IVANKA Studio and Concrete Company (www.ivanka.hu) will celebrate its third Salone exhibition:

IVANKA has the pleasure of inviting you, 11 – 17 April 2011, at N.O.A. Showroom, Via Andrea Ponti 4, 20143 MILANO – zona Navigli (near Via Lodovico il Moro). The event runs 10.00 – 22.00. Cocktail time will be on Thursday 14 Aprile 2011 at 19.00. Wine partner: Bortársaság with Sauska.
Get a new design experience along with beautiful wines and superfriendly people! We look forward to seeing you there, IVANKA and Sargi. More: www.facebook.com/ivankapage.