MILAN 2011: IVANKA @N.o.A. Showroom

The presentation of the collection is giving a preview on the new 2011 products: ’Haarlem Chic’ barrel, ’Truckdoor’ picture frames, ’Ivanka Concrete Sound’ audiophile speakers, ’The mailbox’, and new texture designs by Andras and Katalin Ivanka

IVANKA Studio and Concrete Company ( debuted at Milan Design Week SaloneSatellite event in 2009 with the award winning project of ’AFTERLIFESTYLE’ SEEYOU Gravestone. The year after they represented progressive Hungarian design at two locations: Fiera Milano, and Zona Tortona – getting the honour to present their work together with Oscar Niemeyer. In 2011 IVANKA’s installation at N.o.A. showroom opens up new vistas. The exhibition will be centered around the main themes of concstuction and distruction as the artistic values in creation.

HAARLEM CHIC –  Concrete barrels Designer: Katalin Ivanka
A new look of the barrel come in high performance fiberglass cement. The ‘inventive’ use of barrels as burn barrels in the ghetto, planters in the garden, rain water cisterns for water harvest as water collection is an easy way to encourage earth-friendly habits, as ice container for drinks during a party, or garbage bin and several other functions have been proven over time and persisted unaltered through time. It has been high time just to give this object a cool elegance through some fresh materiality.

CONCRETE SOUND Audioplhile Loudspeakers Designer: David Jankovits, Andras Rudolf Ivanka. Including the bass-reflex port the cabinet is entirely made of one single piece moulded concrete.Tthere are no joints of panels except for the removable bottom plate. The wall thickness varies from 18mm to 30mm to ensure non-parallel walls on the inside thus minimising the effects of standing waves within the cabinet. A rigid bracing located at various places further strengthens the rigidity of the enclosure. Concrete is a perfect material for loudspeaker cabinets. Its strength, rigidity and high density are all wanted properties to efficiently isolate undesirable sound from the backside of dynamic loudspeakers. With Ivanka Concrete Sound all the unwanted effects of the cabinet were eliminated, so that the drivers have got optimal working conditions.

TRUCKDOOR FRAME Concrete picture frames of two different kind Designer: Katalin Ivanka. Proof of a returned design planning process. All the advanced drawings and the most advanced final design plan were rejected in favour of using the first sketch. It happened that Matthieu M. Job, a very good friend of the Ivankas made a strong influence on this work. Matthieu wanted to have personally designed concrete frames for the two dearest artworks he had got from a renowned Hungarian photographer Gergely Szatmari. The first sketch Matthieu liked the most – because it reminded him of truck doors – finally became the base of implementation of the new product to be included in the new IVANKA collection while all of us started to like it more and more.

CONIMALS Concrete animals Designer: Meixner-Hegyi Etelka. Handy “concrete statuettes” of the most robust animals handmade out of the most masive material. Non-fragile home decoration toy.

THE MAILBOX Designer: Andras Rudolf Ivanka. Highly customizable mailbox design with embossed street address. Specifically for this year’s Milan event the street number of the event location and the ivanka logo have been texurized. The mailbox placed at  the enrance of N.o.A. Showroom is on ’standby’ during the whole design week to collect contacts and messages from visitors to IVANKA. Handwriting rocks!

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